Domino Block

Play free domino games online. In this multiplayer game with 2 to 4 players, match pips and play all your domino tiles to win this tile-based game!


Board Sport 2 Players
Votes: Plays: 6666

Match tiles with the same number of dots, try to play all of your tiles with fewer moves and win as the first person to reach the chosen score that is calculated based on the remaining tiles of other players.


  • Each player receives 5 or 7 tiles faced down, depending on the number of players.
  • Place a tile in which the number of pips on one end matches that of the exposed tile.
  • If there are no available tiles or moves, the player is locked for the turn.
  • The round is over when a player has placed all of the tiles, or when all players are locked.
  • Each player can only play 1 tile at a time.

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