Zoo 2: Animal Park

Zoo 2: Animal Park is a time management game with building and farm elements! This engaging game is filled with cute animals for you to take care of, as well as lots of other activities like harvesting all sorts of crops and animal produce.


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Zoo 2: Animal Park is a time management game that combines both zookeeper simulation as well as tycoon game elements.

In this game, you will get to explore a colorful and captivating world full of snuggly bunnies, playful horses and sweet chimpanzees. Breed all sorts of cute animal babies, scrub enclosures, and expand your park. Zoo 2: Animal Park has a wide range of animal game features and customization options so you can be sure there's something for you!

Game features:

  • Take care of cute domestic and wild animals: Mischievous goats, playful pandas, majestic lions and more want to play with you!
  • Design your zoo: New features and items are unlocked whenever you level up
  • Dive into a lovingly-detailed world: Meticulous animal animations and impressive 3D graphics will keep you immersed in the action
  • Breed adorable baby animals: Rare coat color variations will make your animal world even more vibrant and diverse
  • Be part of a gripping story: Entertaining tasks and quests will guide you along in the flourishing zoo of your dreams and introduce a quirky cast of lovable characters
  • Participate in exciting events: Regular updates and thrilling events with exclusive rewards provide long-lasting fun
Zoo 2: Animal Park

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