Tri Peaks Solitaire

Play Tri Peaks Solitaire online, for free and no downloads required. In one of our favorite games, move all cards from three peaks onto the waste to win this card game!


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Tri Peaks Solitaire, also called Three Peaks or Tree Pyramids, was invented by Robert Hogue from Florida in 1989.

Tri Peaks Solitaire Rules

You can only move cards from the three peaks onto the waste if the value of the card on the table is 1 above or below the value of the card on the waste. The game is won when all of the cards on the table or three peaks are moved onto the waste! You will lose the game if there are no more cards on the stock and cannot move any more cards that are remaining on the Peaks.

Tri Peaks Solitaire Tips

  • Remove as many cards as possible before dealing a card from the reserve.
  • When choosing between two cards, always think of possible sequences with the remaining cards.
  • Commit to memory in terms of what cards have been discarded, because cards will not appear twice!
  • Try to uncover as many cards as possible within fewer moves.

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