Treasure Puzzle for PC." />

Treasure Puzzle

Solve a mix of unusual and mind-bending puzzles in this difficult and challenging strategy game. You can also download Treasure Puzzle for PC.


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Embark on an epic adventure following the footsteps of the ancient Inca civilization. Travel across 90 increasingly challenging levels as you journey through lush jungles, over towering mountains, and into majestic temples. Your mission is to recover the 18 lost Inca artifacts that hold the secrets of their mystical culture.

In each level, you must swap and match rows of mystical artifacts to create sets of three or more of the same kind. Plan your moves carefully, because you can shift an entire row at once! As you progress, the puzzles become more complex with locks and chains that must be removed strategically. Bomb barriers will explode if you make a wrong move, sending you back to the start.

Learn to harness the magic of the Inca as you uncover the secrets of their civilization. With each artifact restored, the story of their mythical powers and rituals is revealed. But beware, dark forces seek to stop you from completing your quest. Stay sharp and focused to outwit them.

Take a journey through history and myth as you experience the wonders of the Inca firsthand. Let the rhythmic music and mystical scenery transport you. With intuition and logic, you can conquer all 90 levels and complete the Treasures of the Inca!

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