Rome Puzzle

Rome Puzzle is the unique combination of a puzzle and city management. Rome is the greatest legendary city of all time. Play this wonderful Rome Puzzle game online now! You can also download Rome Puzzle free for PC.


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Grow ancient Rome into a sprawling metropolis as you cleverly solve logic puzzles in this captivating online city builder and puzzle game. Leverage Roman engineering know-how to expand your virtual empire strategically across the fertile Italian peninsula and Mediterranean Sea.

Place government buildings, temples, forums, roads, aqueducts and more in the most advantageous locations to optimize your Roman city. Build up Rome's defenses with walls, fortifications and legions of virtual Roman soldiers to thwart attacks from barbarians at the city gates. As your city expands, unlock increasingly difficult mazes, pattern challenges and strategic puzzles that test your ingenuity and planning skills.

Experience the thrill of designing and managing one of history's greatest cities from the comfort of your laptop or mobile device. Grow Rome from a modest village to a sprawling metropolis that dominates the ancient Mediterranean world. Discover what it took to engineer the Colosseum, Pantheon and other legendary Roman structures as you lay the foundation for the Eternal City.

Rome Puzzle offers an immersive blend of strategy, creativity and puzzle-solving fun that will captivate history and city management fans alike. Play now for free to begin your virtual rise to glory as an architect of the Roman Empire!

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