Pacxon New Dimension

Play Pacxon Game for free! Move pacxon from wall to wall and fill up 80% of the board empty spaces to win Pacxon!


GameTop Arcade
Votes: Plays: 15K

How To Play Pacxon

Capture empty spaces by moving pacxon from wall to wall. In the meantime, make sure no ghosts touch pacxon or the walls that are not yet closed. Pick up fruits like cherries, bananas for movement speed advantages over the ghosts. If you pick up strawberries, the ghosts will stop moving for some time. Take note of the different types of ghosts that appear as you advance into deeper levels as they act in different manners to stop you. Some ghosts eat the wall you build, a few of them travel on walls, and all ghosts are moving at varying speeds. Try your best and win all 50 levels within 3 lives each!

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