Goodgame Empire

Play as a medieval powerful king in Goodgame Empire, a free-to-play time management war game! Explore the empire game and expand your mighty kingdom through trading, exploiting natural resource, or founding new cities. Set up farms to feed your people, build roads and mines to trade resources. Prove your worth as a powerful ruler!


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In this MMO great strategy game set in medieval times, you have been entrusted with your very own small castle. Your ultimate goal is to expand it and turn it into a huge kingdom and empire!

Embark on an adventure across the empire four kingdoms

Build your great empire by recruiting commanders, knights, archers, equipping your troops with deadly weapons, and sending them into battle to conquer new lands! Of course, you'll also need a solid defense - pick the right strategy to send the enemy's soldiers running!

Glory, honor, and riches galore

Be rewarded by achieving honor and glory in battle, and go from rags to riches by managing your kingdom resource wisely. Build your fortress from the ground up to become the most powerful ruler. Produce resources and trade with other players to expand your mighty kingdom. More land means more subjects and characters - and more gold for you!

Strategic and versatile battle system

A medieval empire cannot exist without enemies. This is a time when empires are fighting for dominance, and gamers will be expected to take part in epic battles. Goodgame Empire features a strategic and versatile battle system and over 50 military units to use.

Forge powerful diplomatic alliances

You can join forces with other player(s) to defeat your enemies and conquer new lands together! Help each other by sending resources or troops, or rebuild after enemy attacks.

This medieval strategy MMO transports you back to an age when power was everything and only the strongest survived. Prove that you've got what it takes to be the mightiest and most honorable king in all the land! Build and rule your own empire, conquer lands, amass money and ruby while defending your riches against enemy attacks. Building a powerful army will let you forge alliances and gain a great empire! Vanquish your enemies and be the most powerful king in this free-to-play strategy MMO now!


  • Deep strategy time management gameplay
  • Build your own magnificent castle
  • Hundreds of quests and daily tasks
  • Fight exciting battles with over 50+ different military units
  • Participate in epic PvP battles for territory and resources
  • Create your kingdom with over 60+ different buildings with multiple upgrade levels
  • Regular in-game events
  • Alliance and pact system unique to Goodgame Empire
  • Massive and vibrant community with more than 80+ million players worldwide, available on Discord and Youtube
  • Powerful and customizable equipment items

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Goodgame Empire

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