Goodgame Big Farm

Create your dream farm for free in this award-winning farm game, Goodgame Big Farm. As a farmer, you’ll need to go through many different tasks including growing crops, harvesting crops, and caring for your farm animals. If you’re ready to take on the challenge, this free farming simulator online game is the perfect way to kick off your farming adventure!


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Enjoy a thrilling farm life with Goodgame Big Farm, developed by Goodgame Studios. Plant, harvest, and trade goods to keep your dream farm alive as you the player build up your very own farming empire in this free farm simulator online game!

Bring the overgrown barnyard back to life and turn your business into a flourishing business. Grow crops, harvest, and look after your fields and all your farm animals. Show how entrepreneurial you are by selling your homegrown products at the organic market. Make your farm a paradise for animals, and adorn your fields, stables, and buildings with beautiful decorations. Pour your profits into expanding your farm until you become the greatest farmer in all the land!

The harvesting year is full of events. Join quest for the villagers and write the story of your farm. Help the villagers organize a fairy tale festival, expose the secrets of UFO sightings, and get into the Christmas spirit... Are you ready to build the farm of your dreams?

If you enjoy playing Stardew Valley or Mobile Harvest and managing and growing farms at a relaxed pace, Goodgame Big Farm may be the perfect simulation game you are looking for!

Read our detailed review of Goodgame Big Farm and learn what this awesome game has in store for you!

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  • Build the farm village of your dreams with plenty of vintage buildings, windmills, and decorations
  • Hundreds of farming quests and daily tasks to complete in this Goodgame empire
  • Produce and harvest organic foods and farm-fresh goods
  • Over 100+ charming farm buildings and decorations to create your very own unique game farm
  • Different gameplay strategies: cooperate or compete with other successful farmers
  • Over 100+ unique goods to produce to make your farm prosperous
  • Join 10M other farmers in the best free online farming game

Start as a small farm

In this farming simulator popular game, you need to manage and expand your old farm to a busy successful and happy one. This farm game will require you to gain experience in order to buy plots of land. Clear trees on the new land so that you can build up your great empire. As you level up, you can also expect more features, challenges or upgrades that give you more things to play with. Goodgame Big Farm may look casual but you will realise the importance of time management skills as you test them in this game!

The farm cycle gameplay

First, you will need to plant seeds in your fields. There will be different types of seeds for you to plant. After that, you will harvest the crops and take them to the mill where the crops will be processed as food for your animals. Well, of course, different animals require different crops or food and each crop will take a different amount of time to be harvestable! Lastly, what the animals will do for you is to produce their own things that you need. It could be eggs from chickens in your chicken coop, or milk from cows. These animal products will be required to complete quests or be sold for currencies. As a truly proficient farmer, you can also take animal wastes to turn them into fertilizers for your fruit or flowers, which will also drop leaves as waste, which will be taken to the composer to be put back onto the fields for extra harvest! In this big farm game, this cycle goes round and round without stopping.

Workers and upgrades are needed

You are technically the boss in this game and require workers to work on each part of your farm, fields, buildings, plants, and more. Workers require houses, and houses or the buildings or silos they work in will require upgrades. Build your own mighty empire in this strategy game!

Collect your harvest or extra bonuses

This is called a time management game because you technically have to time yourself into each part of the gameplay. This includes the start of each process and the collection of the harvests when they are completed. The good part is that you may be getting some bonuses or extra items from each harvest. So this is at least something to look forward to!

More resources and booster

First of all, you are given the option to buy farm boosters to make things easier. Remember that your own time is also money so it is entirely up to you if you wish to spend some to gain some. Other than that, to obtain extra resources, there is the mine to get extra gold, the garage for vehicles, the harbor for rewards from shipments and the market area around your farm for more trades! Later in the game, you can also expect a sort of food menu farm and even an airport for -yay- a new piece of land for more space, buildings, and farms.

Play with people in co-op mode

You can complete different tasks and missions together with your friends or with other players in this mode. More benefits do come from this mode and you are able to do farm research here as well.

Goodgame Big Farm

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