Empire: World War 3

Dominate the war for Millennium in this non-stop, 24/7, action-packed game, Empire: World War 3


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World War 3 is on! Build up your base, train your units and lead your army into war as you command them in action packed battles. Win the ruthless and violent war with the highest amount secured and the biggest share of the lucrative Millennium. Strategy and skills means victory or defeat.


  • Prospect and mine the rare resource Millennium
  • Observe the world map for your enemies’ every move
  • Choose a commander according to your strategy to lead the troops
  • Suit your strategic needs when you research economic, prospecting, defense and military technologies
  • Ally with the most powerful commanders to sabotage and eliminate competition
  • Upgrade your troops to increase their abilities
  • Train multiple armies because each has their own strengths and weaknesses
Empire: World War 3

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