Menu - Online Free Game - Game Description - The online realtime multiplayer game of chaotic physics-based combat, brute evolution, crazy powerups and unlockable costumes! Simple 'Pick up and Play' Punching Mechanics \u00a0- [ Quick Punch, or 'Charge Up' to do more Damage & Stun with Knockback ] Fast-paced 'Online Multiplayer' Action \u00a0- [ Beat up Brutes and dominate other Players on the Leaderboard] Addictive 'Growth Orb' Collection System \u00a0- [ Smash Brutes, Props and Squash Chibbits to Spawn Growth Orbs ] Powerful 'Brute Leveling' Evolution System \u00a0- [ Get Bigger, Level Up and Transform into a unique Brawler and Behemoth ] Powerful 'Cartoon Powerups' of Destruction \u00a0- [ Featuring the Cannon Bomb, Ambush Box and Red Rocket ] Whacky 'Collect them All' Bounty Costumes \u00a0- [ Featuring multiple Costumes like the Frankenbrute and Brooster ]